January 11, 2018
Custom Cabinetry
June 15, 2018


A kitchen is a place of action. Have you ever cook on your stove and broil in the oven at the same time? Have you tried making steak in a pan? Have you deep-fry chicken or pan-fry salmon? All of these are just some examples of how things can easily turn the heat in your kitchen. Unlike any other room in your house, the kitchen is the only place where you use fire and water at the same time. Moisture in the kitchen gets filled with oil and makes the ambiance steamy with smoke, you need to make sure you have ventilation that works for you. And that is the reason you need a range hood over your stove. This is an appliance that draws out the gas that is being emitted from cooking. It is used to remove steam, fumes, smoke, odor, grease, hazardous gases, and combustion products that are trapped in the air. Range hood makes your kitchen feels good, smells good, and most importantly safe from heated oil and suffocation.

Now you know the importance of having a range hood in your kitchen, let’s discuss the most common types of the range hood.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods. This type of hood is mounted underneath the cabinets that are positioned directly above the stove. The ductwork in this type of wood is placed behind an exterior wall or up through the cabinet above your range hood, taking away the capacity to use for storage of that cabinet. This type is simple and versatile fitting into most common kitchen style.

Wall Mounted Range Hoods. This type of range is installed directly to the wall above your range. This is most common to see in modern kitchen designs. Unlike the under-cabinet range hoods, this type removes the cabinet that is directly adjacent to the stove. Instead of the cabinet, the hood sometimes comes with a chimney, will be replaced. Aside from functionality, this type also serves as a design piece in your kitchen. It adds modern vibe and aesthetic value to the overall character of your place.

Island or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods. This type is similar to wall mounted hoods but it is specially designed to range or islands that is not attached to a wall. It also comes with a chimney and serves as a design piece for your kitchen. This type also offers a wide range of materials to choose from that is widely available in the market. This is typically seen in floor plans where the stove is placed in the island.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen interior to have the modern kitchen you are dreaming of, visit us at Our experts will help you find the range hood that is right for your kitchen and we can also help you with cabinet design for the new cabinet that will definitely make your kitchen stand out.

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