December 11, 2017
February 11, 2018


In a house, one thing is consistent in all of the room – they all have lighting fixtures. Lighting Fixtures are very important as it is not only decorative but also functional necessity to a living space. In the kitchen, lighting is very important as well. Centuries ago, lights are only usually placed in the ceiling to light the whole room. Eventually, microwaves and over hood ranges are installed with light fixtures to help in cooking. Nowadays, light fixtures can normally be found on the bottom of the new cabinets. This is a brilliant concept as it does not only improve one’s experience by providing brightness while preparing food; it also adds a dramatic aesthetic value to the whole kitchen. Just by adding lights, it enhances your kitchen giving it a distinct upgrade to your new cabinets.

Now let’s talk about the type of light that you will use. Two popular choices are fluorescent light and Light-emitting Diodes or also known as LED lights. Fluorescent light was invented in 1896 and around 1938 when it dominated the commercial light market share. It is a low-pressure mercury vapor gas discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to provide visible light.  It is more efficient compared with incandescent products as it only uses 25% – 35% of the energy to provide a similar amount of light. There is two general type of fluorescent lamp: the Compact Fluorescent Lamp or (CFL), which are typical household fixture; and the fluorescent tube or circline lamp, which are used for task lighting and are mostly found in commercial or industrial buildings.

Light–Emitting Diodes as its name implied, emits light when the two-lead semiconductor light source, p-n junction diodes, is activated by an electrical current. LED lights are approximately 90% more efficient compared to an incandescent bulb. Unlike CFL, LED lights do not burn out instead its lumen depreciation is reflected through light dimming over time. It is established that LED lifetime is when the light output decreases by 30%. Also, due to its small size, LED lights are used by incorporating it into a fixture or bulb that can be used for general lighting needs. In comparison with CFL, LED lights are more efficient, versatile and last longer. Unfortunately, they are also more expensive than in CFL.

It is very common to find these two types of light in the market. Every home improvement store carries them both as they appeal to the different consumer based on their needs and budget.

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