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June 15, 2018
June 15, 2018

Different Types of Cabinets Doors

When you look at different types of cabinets, the first thing you will notice is the cabinet doors. Cabinet doors are very important as it covers the case and shelves of your cabinet. Thanks to cabinet doors, you can keep your most undesired item hidden away from the eyes of your guests. They also protect belongings from external factors such as pets, toddlers, dust, heat, and more. Cabinet doors keep items away from easy reach, which is very practical if you have pets or babies in your house. Without cabinet doors, imagine your toddler able to grab the very inviting, candy-looking pod soap; or your pet dog has unlimited access to his food stored in the shelf.

Cabinet doors also add aesthetic value. Inside the kitchen, cabinet doors distinguish the style that sets the tone of your kitchen. These cabinet doors greatly help to enhance the style you are aiming for. Now, let’s discuss the common types of cabinet doors:

  1. Raised Panel Cabinet Doors. This is the type of cabinet doors that have been in the market since Roman times. It is the hallmark of fine cabinetry as this is the type of cabinet doors used to combat the effects of moisture on solid wood. Raised panel cabinet doors are composed of a large panel fitted into a groove in the interior edge of the frame. This allows the wood to expand or contract as the temperature and humidity changes.
  2. Shaker Cabinet Doors. This is a very popular style of cabinet doors. It is composed of a flat center panel with a frame that is made of four pieces flat panels. It has clean straight lines and simple look. It is the common choice for most cabinets, as this type of cabinet doors is very easy to complement and match. That being said, this is also the type of cabinet doors that are widely available in the market.
  3. Louvered Cabinet Doors. This is the cabinet doors made of horizontal wood slats with spaces in between the slats. This type of cabinet doors is good for storing items that require ventilation. Unlike the solid panel cabinet doors, louvered cabinet doors allow air passage through the spaces between slats making it ideal for electronics and drying clothes. However, due to intrinsic design of this type of cabinet doors, louvered usually comes with a hefty price tag as compared to others types of cabinet doors.
  4. Flat Cabinet Doors. This is the simplest type of cabinet door. It is composed of one flat panel. It is the popular choice due to its slick style, affordability, and versatility. For a kitchen with modern and contemporary style, flat cabinet doors are one of the common options.
  5. Distressed Cabinet Doors. This is the type of cabinet doors you will see in rustic or farm style kitchen. These cabinet doors exude aged feature to boost the rustic theme you are going for. This type of cabinet doors is a little more expensive due to the process of making your brand new cabinet doors look old. You can also find this type of cabinet doors in the cottage-style kitchen that brings the old and country charm back to style.
  6. Beadboard Cabinet Doors. Aside from distressed cabinet doors mentioned above, beadboard cabinet doors are also very popular in the cottage-style kitchen. It is composed of a center panel that has vertical panels and usually topped with a flat panel frame. This type of cabinet doors is one of the timeless design as it is the popular choice for a traditional look but also used in the farmhouse, Mediterranean, Scandinavian Cottage, Modern, and contemporary style.

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