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Contemporary Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant simplicity. From doors free of embellishment to the beautiful display of sleek, white serving-ware. Yet, the rich tones of these contemporary Maple kitchen cabinets keep things down-to-earth and inviting. A wonderful setting for creating colorful meals and letting equally colorful chefs can shine.

White Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

This room, featuring white beadboard kitchen cabinets in our Bayport door style, offers both country touches and contemporary overtones, so it can play host to everything from holiday dinners to afternoons with cappuccino and the latest bestseller.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

With a dark floor to ground it, this airy, elegant kitchen has both an intimacy and an openness that give it a showpiece quality. The soft colors and crisp, clean lines of these gray kitchen cabinets in Willow make it comfortable to work in while traditional lighting choices add a hint of elegance.

Light Maple Cabinets With Glaze

A spectacular view while standing at the sink is a wonderful plus for any kitchen. With large windows, the room floods with sunlight highlighting the light Maple cabinets with glaze that brings out the Eastport door details. A dream to work in with ample space for multiple cooks.

Rustic Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

The simplicity of the Dover door creates visual focus on the intricacies of the wood grain in these Rustic Hickory kitchen cabinets. Plate racks and the addition of wicker storage keep order but are still at home in the rustic setting. The entire room feels warm and comfortable ideal for finishing up a bit of work or starting your next culinary endeavor.

Warm Maple Woof Cabinets with a White Kitchen Island

No one ever said all your cabinets had to be identical. Break up a large space by changing finishes on the same cabinet style, like these Maple wood cabinets in Nectar with an Alpine White kitchen island. It adds visual excitement and defines different work areas.

White Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

All the perks of a big kitchen show up in this wonderfully compact, yet comfortable design. White Thermofoil kitchen cabinets brighten the room while deep blue walls and wide plank floor give it warmth. A lot of style packed into a small space, yet still room to enjoy French press with friends.

White Cabinets with a Gray Kitchen Island

Imagine the joy of entertaining in an open floor plan kitchen with all the amenities needed to ensure it’s a pleasurable event for all. Personality and style abound in this one-of-a-kind kitchen featuring a pleasing mix of texture and color, plenty of seating, an array of storage options, and a separate bar/serving area near the dining table for the ultimate in both refinement and convenience. A gray kitchen island with cabinets in Willow, completed with a dramatic waterfall countertop, create a stunning focal point for the room, while white perimeter cabinets, furnishings and walls, along an abundance of windows, keep the entire area looking fresh and oh so natural.

Maple Cabinets with a Bi-Level Kitchen Island

For cooks who enjoy company in their kitchen but also want room to work, a bi-level kitchen island is ideal, like shown with these Maple cabinets. Prepare and serve hors d’oeuvres while keeping an eye on dinner and keeping up with the conversation.

Alpine White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Just like their city namesake, these Sedona Alpine White Shaker style kitchen cabinets help to create a calm, spiritual environment. Under cabinet lighting highlights the black countertop against the crisp white finish. Celery green walls tie it all together for a serene space to practice the culinary arts.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

This pristine kitchen is all the proof one will ever need to demonstrate there is nothing boring or mundane about an all-white kitchen, done well. The key is in the details – from the clean, white Shaker style kitchen cabinets and matching panels on the L-shaped island, to classic stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel accents, to a pretty backsplash adding texture and subtle detail – this kitchen exemplifies the beauty in simplicity.

Light Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing a different finish for the same cabinetry can easily achieve a dramatic effect while maintaining your basic design elements. Here light Maple kitchen cabinets finished in Ginger with their understated lines surround an island where a different finish of Ivory has created a stunning centerpiece.

Traditional Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

Grounded in tradition, but still with a timeless quality, Jordan doors are a classic choice. A Chestnut finish with its rich, leather-like look gives this kitchen with Cherry cabinets an enduring quality. Choosing bold, colorful accent pieces then completes the look.

Natural Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Even a woodland cabin deserves a kitchen that feels like home, like this one featuring Natural Hickory kitchen cabinets in our Heritage door style. With careful planning limited space can be turned into not only an efficient working space but also a charming breakfast nook. Weekends in the woods with all the amenities are a must.

Kitchen with Maple Cabinets

It’s all about contrast in this kitchen with Maple cabinets. Bold lines and simple detail on these Ogilby cabinets play nicely against the rich grain of the floor. Warmth emanates from all the wood while stark white counters and contemporary stainless accents keep things lively and modern.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic ambiance for an urban oasis. City living may mean less space but it doesn’t have to mean less character. An exposed brick wall is added texture in this contemporary version of warm and cozy featuring Hickory kitchen cabinets. Black countertops and stainless steel range hood are very current while refurbished wide plank flooring reflects a rich past.

Brugundy Kitchen Cabinets

Straightforward lines and understated hardware let these Burgundy kitchen cabinets in Rainier Cherry create an atmosphere while other areas become the focal point. Glass doors put cherished serving pieces on display and a professional cook-top takes center stage during every meal. This kitchen lets the cook be the star of the show.

Glazed Cherry Cabinets in a Traditional Kitchen

Put a contemporary spin on a traditional style by making a non-traditional hardware choice. Simple, brushed nickel knobs give a nod to modern sensibilities while the glazed Cherry cabinets in our Heartland door style keep your kitchen feeling timeless.

Creamy Glazed Cabinets in a Casual Kitchen

Take one look at this kitchen, and there will be no doubt that it’s possible to have a room that is both the height of fashion and your sanctuary at the same time. Creamy glazed cabinets and warm wood floors in soothing colors join seamlessly with subtle architectural accents, farm sink and large sunny window to beckon happy family moments or that quiet moment alone with your morning coffee.

Java Cabinets Featuring a Kitchen Island With Seating

Dark Java cabinets with simple lines give a room strength and depth, while neutrals provide balance and set a lovely backdrop for splashes of color from tea towels to a bowl of fresh fruit. The kitchen island with seating doubles as a dining nook and is elegant enough to be the setting for an intimate dinner.

Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t need a wall to define a space. An island coupled with the right light fixture gives definition without feeling closed in. Natural Maple kitchen cabinets and interior cabinet lighting keep a kitchen feeling fresh and open even when there’s little natural light.

Off White Cabinets with a Dark Kitchen Island

The off white cabinets in Montella Maple French Vanilla paired with the dark kitchen island in Buckboard make a stunning contrast with transitional appeal, creating a space that is not only functional, but the eye-catching hub of the home. The beautiful surroundings and ample seating, along with a special area just for glassware, wine and other beverages, ensure treasured friends and family feel welcome and entertaining is a breeze.

Dark Maple Kitchen Cabinets with Ivory Accents

Create a stunning visual focal point with an alternative finish for your cabinets. It’s a contemporary take on these traditionally styled cabinets. The dark finish of these Maple kitchen cabinets is simple and classic, while the Ivory with cocoa glaze picks up the details of the Heritage door style.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Lautner’s casual vibes are a welcome addition to this statement kitchen, full of easygoing charisma with its overall neutral palette. Choosing a timeless opaque, like these Alpine white kitchen cabinets, ensures your space will exude a wow factor time and time again.

This kitchen is part of the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home. Homecrest cabinets were supplied by Markraft. Images courtesy of House Lens.

Burgundy Cabinets in a Contemporary Kitchen

Coupled with modern tweaks, contemporary fixtures, stainless steel backsplash and appliances, these Burgundy cabinets in our Heartland door style create an entirely different aesthetic than their name implies. As comfortable in an urban setting as they would be in the actual heartland.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Cathedral ceilings and a stone wall make a bigger than life statement. To underscore it, a dark finish on the richly textured rustic kitchen cabinets is added to this warm and homey room. With sunlight flooding the space, every natural detail is enhanced.

Java Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel appliances set against dark Java kitchen cabinets creates a clean sophisticated look. Contemporary nickel hardware adds to the urban vibe while a richly grained wood floor and an island with lighter finish warm things up.

Neutral Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

Let your imagination run wild in this neutral kitchen with blue cabinets. Clever applications of cabinetry create an aura of organized bliss, and a great mix of complementing colors give your space beauty and warmth. Open shelving lets you display how you like, and a creative use of a base cabinet even gives your furry friend a cozy home.

Java Cabinets in a Casual Kitchen

A well designed layout, enhanced with sleek design details, makes this efficient, casual kitchen a most pleasurable spot to plan and prepare meals. The dark Java cabinets in the Verano door style bring a bit of classic style, while contrasting finishes, streamlined faucet and hardware, and angular, stainless range hood add a distinctly modern edge for a look that is dramatic and one-of-a-kind.

Glazed Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple, Toffee and Cocoa. It’s a mouthwatering start to any kitchen. But it’s not just the names that are luscious. Layering different tones and textures with wood and finish choices, like these glazed Maple kitchen cabinets, creates depth and distinction that may not be obvious but do create a rich harmony.

Transitional Kitchen Design

Transitional meets trendy in this Dover Karoo kitchen. A warm, earthy neutral tone welcomes you into the functional space, while aluminum frame doors and upper glass cabinetry let you rest assured that your transitional kitchen design is checking all of the boxes when it comes to style and current design.

Painted Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

As painted cabinets continue to rise in popularity, choose coordinating colors like Alpine and Willow for a look that is on-trend now, yet able to stand the test of time. Shaker style kitchen cabinets and a large center island lend itself to a casual culinary entertaining space at the tip of your fingers.

Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing a versatile cabinet style, like these dark Cherry kitchen cabinets in Laurel, allows you to easily change your look over the years. A new paint choice, modern fixture and fun, upholstered chairs give this kitchen a contemporary feel. When tastes change, do an inexpensive update by adjusting these few touches.

Natural Oak Cabinets with a Dark Kitchen Island

Consider designing with two different finishes to add interest and definition to different work areas, like this kitchen with Natural Oak cabinets and a dark Chestnut kitchen island. Also, including a prep sink in your island allows you to keep your assistant chef squarely out of your way while you put finishing touches on the upcoming course.

Dark Cherry Cabinets with a Large White Kitchen Island

A large white kitchen island with plenty of seating means you may find all your parties taking place in your kitchen. Whether the island is set for breakfast, providing a buffet, or acting as a prep station where guests can help while you orchestrate the evening, it’s a welcome addition to this casual kitchen with dark cherry cabinets.

Alpine White Glazed Cabinets with Blue Kitchen Island

Large windows provide a gorgeous view for dining or enjoying a cup of coffee, while beamed ceilings add a bit of rustic charm to this open and airy beach kitchen. The white glazed perimeter cabinets in Alpine with Husk Glaze keep the area light and bright, while the roomy, deep blue kitchen island in Cadet brings the beauty of the water indoors for all to enjoy. The handsome, matching hutch provides additional storage and pretty display space that complements the cabinetry and is nicely convenient to the dining space. The overall effect? A very happy place indeed.

White Shaker Cabinets in a Casual Kitchen

Scratch the charming surface of this Sedona kitchen to uncover a functional, wholesome space – a space fit to tackle your next culinary masterpiece or simply to gather with treasured family and friends. Note how the white Shaker cabinets brighten the space while remaining comfy and warm.

Kitchen with Painted Marble Cabinets

Dover in Alpine has a refreshing style, creating a kitchen with painted Maple cabinets that feels open and uncomplicated. Vast amounts of storage and counter space mean busy dinner parties and holiday cookie soirées are probably not out of the question. But until then, it has a welcome sense of calm.

Gray Cabinets in a Casual Kitchen

Have you wished for a new, neutral finish that’s right on trend, but not so cool and steely? This comfy, eat-in kitchen features gray cabinets in our warm, brownish gray stain, Anchor, and offers an amazing array of organization solutions, including ample wine storage and an enclosed area to conveniently stow appliances, as well as a charming banquette area with oh-so practical drawer storage perfect for seasonal items, toys, and more.

Dark Maple Cabinets in a Casual Kitchen

Instead of color, use texture to create a mood. A brickwork backsplash, reclaimed lumber, and intense grain in the wood floor all work together and look amazing against the dark Maple cabinets. Verano’s transitional style is perfect as a backdrop for these rich and varied textures.

White Shaker Style Cabinets in a Gallery Kitchen

Forget any ideas that a galley kitchen has to be dark, dreary or inefficient. This light and airy space is prettily grounded with simple gray tile and geometric-design rug, while the countertop, backsplash and white Shaker style cabinets nicely brighten the room. Ample natural light from the door and window, along with glass front cabinets, add to the light and open feel. Ample counter and cabinet space, including a pantry cabinet, ensure the room is not only pretty, but also a home cook’s dream-come-true.

Traditional Burgundy Kitchen Cabinets

Burgundy kitchen cabinets in our Madison door style are a classic and dependable look for many homes. Choose a kitchen set and bar stool reminiscent of the garden for a casual twist on this traditional look.

Off White Painted Kitchen Cabinets in French Vanilla

This room is like an invitation to daydream as well as actually create. Light walls and off white painted kitchen cabinets in Maple French Vanilla pop against the dark wood floor. Room for counter area is limited, so a large island provides any extra workspace you might need. Meanwhile, a cozy window seat surrounded with cookbook filled shelves is waiting.

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