June 15, 2018
Keeping Up With An Affordable and Trendy Kitchen
March 1, 2019

Kitchen Cabinetry Designs with a Modern and Efficient Twist

What everybody looks for today when redesigning their kitchen cabinetry is the aesthetic and efficient aspect. Our lives are busy so whenever we can save a little time doing the basics at home it turns out to be a big deal! Casa amazona knows this, which is why they always offer the greatest looking cabinets for your kitchen that make life just that much easier.

Check out these ideas below to find out which type of cabinet will help you get things done around your home just a bit quicker and of course that don’t lack in appearance.

Design your Kitchen with a Deep Kitchen Cabinet above the Refrigerator

Everyone has done this at least one time in their lives; when their kitchen cabinets haven’t been designed with Casa amazona,they’ve used the top of the refrigerator as storage space for things like cereal boxes, appliances, dishes that are only used for special occasions etc. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, storage space is extremely important in our homes,but it doesn’t have to make our homes seem messy and unorganized.

Instead of throwing everything on the top of the fridge where it is visible, design your kitchenwith a deep cabinet above the refrigerator to hide your storage. A deep cabinet can go right on top of the fridge to fill the exact space left behind between the fridge and the ceiling. Store away all the kitchen appliances you have that usually go on the countertops and all the cereal boxes your family needs while maintaining a beautiful design that appears clean and organized when your guests come over.

Hide your Paper Towels Within the Design of your Kitchen Cabinets

Before, paper towel rolls would stand alone on our countertops on one of those paper towel holders you find at the grocery store. This worked well enough but why not give your kitchen that extra boost of confidence in its appearance and hide your paper rolls as well. Casa amazona can install the paper roll holder within your cabinets. It’s easy to access and just makes your kitchen appear more modern. With beauty and design simplicity is key.

Install a Book Nook or Wine Rack Within the Design of your Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways in which you can enhance the appearance of your kitchen with storage solutions. Usually when you think about kitchen cabinets you think about storing dinner plates and silverware but Casa Amazona offers the option to include a book nook or wine rack within your designs.Quickly grab a book to read while waiting for dinner to be ready or pull out your favorite wine bottle when family comes over. This option offers efficiency and a new look to the way your kitchen will be set up.

Design your Kitchen with a Mini Couch for Loved Ones to Sit On.

There is nothing like comfortable seating in your kitchen that makes your home feel so much cozier. Usually when thinking about hanging out with family in the kitchen you imagine sitting on hard chairs around the dinner table. Not anymore, with Casa amazona you can design your kitchen to include a mini couch or seat for your loved ones to sit on.

There are tons of ways you can redesign your kitchen cabinet to match your style and your needs. No matter how you decide to decorate and design your kitchen, Casa amazona can help. Visit to see before and after pictures and to get inspiration for your next remodel. Or If there is something you have in mind for your kitchen renovation call Casa amazona at (866)960-3521.

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