Different Types of Cabinets Doors
June 15, 2018
June 15, 2018


Everybody knows about kitchen cabinets as they are the most prominent element in a kitchen, most people call them cupboards. Kitchen cabinets eat up the space of your kitchen that is why it is very important for the kitchen designer to first consider what type of kitchen cabinets and how much they are going to use in a kitchen. To start off, we need to know the basic types of the kitchen cabinets.

Base Cabinets is also known as counter cabinets. This is the type of kitchen cabinets that stand on the floor and sit under the countertop. A standard base cabinet depth is 24 inches or 61 cm.  However, due to the refrigerators getting deeper, it is normal to have the base cabinets’ depth up to 36 inches or 92 cm. In general, base cabinets’ depth can go from 16 inches to 36 inches and 34.5 to 36 inches in height. This allows plenty of storage from the spacious pots and pans to the small items like fork and spoon inside the drawers.

Wall Cabinets is also known as overhead cabinets. This is the type of kitchen cabinets which refers to the top cabinetry that is mounted in a wall suspended above the counter space. The standard depth for wall cabinet is 12 to 13 inches though most people gravitate to wall cabinets of 14 to 16 inches deep. When this type of kitchen cabinets includes a microwave, the depth increased to 15 to 18 inches accommodating the standard microwave size. Wall cabinets placed over the refrigerator are deeper with a standard of 24 inches and can go up to 36 inches. Its standard height is 30 inches.

Tall Cabinets is also known as pantry cabinets. This is the type of kitchen cabinets that sit on the floor and extending to the ceiling. Tall cabinets provide ample storage and usually range from 84 to 96 inches in height. The depths for tall cabinets are similar to the base cabinets. The standard is 24 inches deep but it can also go deeper up to 36 inches.

Now we know the basic type of kitchen cabinets, we will look at its popular materials.

Nowadays, the most common and affordable materials for kitchen cabinets are called “thermofoil”. It is made of a flexible vinyl material glued over a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) by applying extreme heat. MDF is an engineered wood like particle board, but are more dense and durable. It is made of wood fibers and resin that is dried and pressed by a specialized machine producing an accurate and smooth surface. Due to the perfectly flat surface of an MDF board, it is a good material for kitchen cabinets.

Another popular but more upgraded material for kitchen cabinet is plywood. Plywood has been used for a long time in cabinetry. Plywood is engineered wood made of wood sheets pressed together. It is very dense and has a higher resistance to water. Kitchen cabinets made of plywood are ideal for cabinets placed under the sink or those highly exposed to liquid. In terms of cost, plywood kitchen cabinets are more expensive than those made of MDF.

The most less cost material for cabinets is particle boards. It is also an engineered wood made of wood chips and resin but it is less dense than an MDF. It is also called Low-Density Fiberboard or chipboard. Due to the nature of its density, it has a lesser resistance to water. You can choose to use this in cabinets that are not exposed to liquid and heat. It is economical material and most affordable common material in the market.

The most expensive is kitchen cabinets made of wood or solid wood. Unlike the boards mentioned above, solid wood kitchen cabinets are not engineered. Imagine engineered wood as recycled materials (wood sheets, wood chips, wood scrap, sawdust, etc) compacted together to make a wood panel. Solid wood does not go through that process. They are smoothed and curved wood and they are very durable and dense. Economically, they are costly and rare. As the price tag is hefty, it is not common in ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets and mostly found under customized kitchen cabinets category.

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