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April 18, 2017
What to do with that cabinet space above the refrigerator?
May 18, 2017


The kitchen deserves special attention. This space is one of the main focal points in a home. Unlike another part of the house, the kitchen is the usual places where family gather around and spend time together. For this reading, let us classify kitchen based on stage in life.

THE STARTER KITCHEN. This is the classification of the kitchen that you will see for singles or couples that are just starting to settle down in their new home. They are mostly those people who are beginning in homemaking and still shopping and adding for housewares. Efficient and practical is the general description for this kitchen. Stove, microwave and midsize fridge (around 7 to 10 cu. Ft.) are the essential appliances this classification kitchen will typically have. It will not be grand; around 40 square foot will be the common size of this kitchen, enough space for a person or couple to do their kitchen activities.

BIG FAMILY KITCHEN. This is the classification of the kitchen for those with a house full of children of all ages. Big Family Kitchen is functional with much stuff it can stow and busy preparing a regular gourmet meal for the family. This kitchen begins with a large built-in refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser. A microwave and coffee maker come next before transitioning to the cooking center, which hosts a double oven and warming drawer, and a large professional-grade stove to the far right. The sink and dishwasher in the island complete the work triangle positioned comfortably between prepping meals and cooking.

THE EMPTY-NEST KITCHEN. This classification is for those people downsizing but still have plenty of things they want to keep. This is the stage of life where a couple re-learned to do things for just themselves again. This kitchen will typically have really nice chinaware collected through time and plenty of glamour and upscale finishes. Most appliances will be decent if not a top brand. The new cabinet will be sophisticated that will reflect its price tag. Spaces and features are generous but not oversized. It is common for this classification of the kitchen to provide a luxurious ambiance in a moderately sized floor plan.

A dream of every cook is to have a kitchen equipped with a nicely sized pantry for their dry food storage. A decent pantry can hold at least 16 cubic feet for storing dry groceries. Pantry pullout cabinets begin at about 24 cubic feet, while dedicated closet pantries begin at about 72 cubic feet (a space that’s 3 feet square by 8 feet tall).

Cabinets are also important in a kitchen. Spice storage, pots and pans, and cooking utensils placed immediately around cooking equipment ensure convenient and intuitive access to the tools and staples you need in meal preparation. Personal preference determines whether you want to place these items in upper or lower cabinets, either can work, so decide what is best for you and conforms to your daily activity.

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