April 11, 2017
May 11, 2017

We just gave away a FREE Kitchen remodel! That’s right! And you could be next!

How Did We Start?

When you’re ready to do a remodel, whether you win it or have budgeted for it, you will always do better if the upgrades are made with intentional planning and not all on impulse. Keep in mind, whether you are in Lancaster or somewhere in the Los Angeles area, for your cabinets – this is an improvement – so everything should look, feel and perform much better than before. When thinking about value, remember – projects like these can cost about $.25 cents on the dollar, which means overall the other $.75 cents is the value you’ve just increased it by!

So first, just like we did for this project, take out a list and categorize all the items by how much it will cost in money, time and effort. If you are unsure, that’s ok – just do cost for now.  CASA amazona can always help you get the rest of it figured out. This is because our approach is realistic. This way, if you want to redo all your cabinets in your home and not just limited to a room – that’s no problem. Just go from room to room and dream up the perfect upgrade.

What Did We Do Next?

Once you’re done with your list and categories, number them by priorities starting with “must haves” and then the other things. We can help you figure it out too and/or look it over to make sure you have everything you need and work within your budget to include most if not all of your cabinet and other remodel items. We’re really good at it! After that, it’s all about putting it into action.

With a kitchen giveaway, we’ve worked with the winners just as much as we would for any of our customers to formulate a plan based on our new list. We’ve already done the research, or you may have too; including talking to all the businesses needed to make this install happen. Even realtors in the area can give some pointers as they also know that your improvements will add value, sometimes considerably more value to your home than others in your neighborhood.

Since just improving your home’s décor does not add value but upgrades do, many homeowners are surprised to hear that the remodel they are doing will give you a return on investment in the end.
From flooring to cabinets, check out all the things they did to enhance their kitchen with CASA amazona! We also would like to thank BCS Construction, Just Go Green Contruction, Horn Plumbing and Carpeteria for making this all come together.

Come visit Casa amazona, Inc. at 45331 Division St. in Lancaster, CA 93535, or give us a call at (866) 960-9556. We’ll get you in to the perfect remodel today!

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