July 11, 2017
September 11, 2017


Color is definitely one of the biggest decisions for your whole house. The first color decision; what color hue are you going to choose for the wall? When you are done answering this, the next thing is; what color are you going to use for your flooring? At this point, you have to pause and consider the third color question; what color are you going to choose for your new cabinets? You see, choosing the color for your tile should match the color you will choose for your cabinet. Having a visual coordination flowing between these two major components will greatly affect the outlook of your home. So what is the general rule? The general rule is that you want to keep your cabinet and tiles color scheme simple so that it can easily match with smaller items in your house. You can be more colorful with these smaller items to give the accent you want for your house. It is also a good rule of thumb to have a combination of light and dark if your area allows. For example in wide areas, a combination of dark cabinets and light flooring will be perfect, added with color accents coming from your backsplash. In Smaller areas, the light cabinet on light tiles is more appropriate to make the room looks bigger, added with darker granite to accent your kitchen. In making your decision, it is a must that you consider if the light or dark theme will be more suitable to your lifestyle.

Since tiles are exposed to traffic in your house, you have to think about its maintenance. Black or Dark tiles offer elegance. They easily enhance the color of your walls and light cabinets. They are not as common and leave a lasting impression on your guests. However, Dark tiles are not easily maintained. Dusting and sweeping the floor will be part of your routine to keep the elegance of your dark tiles. Light tiles, on the other hand, give a grander illusion of the room. This will make a room looks larger and allows a cleaner appearance. In terms of maintenance, small speckles of dust can be better concealed in light tiles rather than dark tiles. That means less frequent dusting and sweeping will be required if you choose light tiles.

Whether you prefer dark, light or combination, you have to make sure that the colors of your tiles and cabinets reflect your style and personality. Do you need more assistance? At Casa amazona, our experienced professionals can help you with your kitchen interior and cabinet designs that you will surely love. We are able to help you achieve the look and style of the modern kitchen of your dreams. Visit us at

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