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June 30, 2017
August 11, 2017


The style is defined as a distinctive appearance and most often referred to as the reflection of oneself. Everyone has their own style of doing almost everything. It is usually based on an individual’s status, preferences, and personality. In kitchen design, style is very important. The style you choose will speak volume of you. There is a lot of styles to choose from: will you go contemporary; Casual; rustic; modern; or are you the out-of-the-box type that combines different style? It is important to determine the style you want and will work for your lifestyle. And since cabinetry is one of the major components of your kitchen, cabinetry style dictates the general ambiance of one’s kitchen.

Remodeling or designing your kitchen is the best time to plan for the organization and buy cabinets that suit your taste and maximize your storage space. Cabinets are not only adding aesthetic value to your kitchen, they are also a useful tool to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Let your cabinets help you keep clutter at bay. As the style of your cabinet impresses your guests, the functionality of your cabinets will surely improve your lifestyle.

Materials and durability are also the very important quality of your cabinets. You should consider: will these cabinets last and protect your belongings? Let’s face it, there is a lot going on in your kitchen, will your cabinets stand the test of time and anything else the world will throw at it (hummus, a soccer ball or a pipe burst)? A lasting finish can double the life of your cabinetry and be the piece of style that brings the whole room together.

There are many things to consider with regards to kitchen style in order to make your new space work for you. A little planning goes a long way when remodeling. Why not design it to be beautiful and practical? At Casa amazona, we will work with you analyzing the best style that will suit your lifestyle. We are experts with 20 years of experience in kitchen design and it will be our pleasure to guide you every step of the way. Visit us at and let us help you with your journey to your dream kitchen.

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