How to Pick the Right Custom Bathroom Cabinet Maker
November 19, 2016
Cabinets with a Soft Closing Hinge
February 22, 2017

​Counter drawers can come in all shapes and sizes. From 3 to 4 drawer bases, a single, double or sink bases or even a base blind corner. But there’s one feature many people overlook and that’s the self closing drawer.

Self Closing drawers do exactly what their name implies, they close themselves. Simply push the drawer in and it will do the rest. This feature is useful in saving the drawer from damage by being slammed shut as well as keeping the contents of the drawer in place. It’s a simple yet useful feature that many overlook. ​ We here at Casa amazona know that even the smallest feature can make a big difference, so it’s no wonder that we use the self closing system in our cabinets. You can see for yourself by coming down and visiting us in Lancaster or using our free consultation form to request a demo at your convenience.

Full Access Ability Drawers for Cabinets

Many times when you try and access things in your cabinet drawers, the drawer either doesn’t give full access or will actually come out in your hand. We build into our cabinet drawers’ full access ability without the hazard of it coming out, meanwhile giving you complete access to your contents.

With full access, you can utilize space efficiently, see what you have and get the most use possible from your drawers. This is why, along with the self closing drawer we also give you full access.

Remember, Casa amazona is much more than just custom cabinets; we are your solution to smart space organization and ease of use in al of our systems. When you want the best, we’ll surpass your expectations.
Give us a call at (866) 960-9556 to get started with your perfect custom cabinets.

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