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October 31, 2016
Self Closing Drawer for Cabinets
January 22, 2017

When was the last time your bathroom had a cabinet overhaul? For most people it’s either never or a very long time ago. Almost everyone spends quite a bit of time decorating and accessorizing but upgrading or redoing your cabinets will bring a whole new dimension to your bathroom area.

​Your bathroom is a repeatedly visited room that has quite a bit of traffic on all its surfaces. From guests to family, your bathroom like it or not is part of the showcase of your home.  Custom bathroom cabinets will enhance and ensure long life while exhibiting the style or reflection of the rest of your home.

Custom Cabinets for your Bathroom

Casa amazona will help you make the perfect choice when selecting your cabinets. Our combined experience in installation and design is the perfect complement to the ideas you have and want in designing this room.

​With your budget and ideas in mind, our turn-key solutions will transform any drab or boring bathroom into a centerpiece of your home. Custom bathroom cabinets bring out new lines, colors and even accents through a variety of finishes, styles and hardware. Give us a call today.  Read more below about framed and frameless cabinets.

​Frameless vs Framed Custom Cabinets

Frameless or European (open Frame) has flush edges with side-wall hinged doors allowing for easy access. The walls are flush to allow for easy cleaning. This style is great for custom cabinets in bathrooms as it matches most styles, is durable and is super easy to maintain. This sleek design is great for modern bathrooms. ​ American Framed – Framed Cabinet has a face frame. It’s ridged, durable and its frame keeps things in the cabinet due to its framed lip around the box. This cabinet style also works well for bathrooms because it’s constructed of hardwood. There are many styles of doors to choose from which are very durable as well.

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