Self Closing Drawer for Cabinets
January 22, 2017
March 11, 2017

​Have you ever accidentally slammed a cabinet door closed? Or tried to close it but the hinge wasn’t lined up right? Today many cabinets are installed even in Palmdale with basic hinges that are either adjusted incorrectly or allow your door to freely slam into place, which causes damage over time.  We use a much better alternative – the soft closing or self closing door.

Our cabinets come in 30” heights with a single or double door configuration, same with our 36” and 42” high cabinets. All doors are equipped with the soft closing hinge that eases your door into place quietly and smoothly. These features, much like the self closing drawers prolong the life and look of your cabinets, by protecting them at contact.

​Other Cabinet Types

If you’re looking for other configurations, we also offer bridge cabinets in both 12” and 24” configurations. Both come with 2 doors and both are fitted with our soft closing systems. Each system also comes in 30” to 36” widths as well as 12” – 24” heights which should help fit in all the areas where a bridge is needed. Another configuration is our wall diagonal corner cabinets with its soft closing hinges function built into its single door design. This cabinet can be stacked as well and comes in 30”- 36” heights as well as a 24” corner width. These are all beautifully crafted and many colors and wood options. ​Casa amazona uses your vertical space to maximize your storage options. Our doors and drawers are all fitted with the soft closing or self closing systems and our construction surpasses our competition both locally and nationally. Picture Give us a call at (866) 960-9556 or use our Free Consultation Form to get started with your perfect custom cabinets.

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