October 11, 2017
December 11, 2017


The experts say that color is a “mood enhancer’. It also used very often to represent one’s personality and the statement you want to deliver. At Casa amazona, we will help you choose the perfect color for your brand new kitchen. Your dream kitchen should be the color you always wanted. Have you always imagined your kitchen remodel to be in bold colors? How about warm colors?

Let’s talk about some of the colors and the emotions that they provoke in us

  • Red: Represents Love, Success, Sensitivity, and It is a strong and powerful color that can easily attract attention.
  • Yellow: This color is very emotional, however, when used as a color accent it evokes feelings of friendliness and happiness. A soft yellow is very cooling in the eyes.
  • Brown: This warm color will make you feel classic and cozy. It gives you a formal yet antique feel.
  • Blue: You will feel very relaxed around this color and it is also known to suppress your appetite.
  • White: This is a clean/sterile color. The simplicity and sophistication of the color white is an embodiment of cleanliness and purity.
  • Green: This clean and fresh color evokes feelings of happiness. It speaks of nature and health. Some say that green soothes the pain. Soft green, as well as soft blue, are popular unisex colors.
  • Pink: This color is soft and feminine; it evokes feelings of happiness.
  • Orange: This is a friendly and playful color. You will feel excited about this color.
  • Purple: This is a color of royalty. The different shades of purple are also a very popular color nowadays.
  • Black: This is a very strong and powerful color. Because of it clean and slick appearance, it is a popular choice of color in modern interiors.

Now that you are familiar with color and their meaning, as well as the emotions they evoke, are you ready to choose the color your kitchen or bathroom design? You can set an appointment for a free consultation with one of Casa amazona experts in kitchen design, we will be happy to be included in your colorful journey and dream with you. Visit us at

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